What We Do

NFCC supports collaborative efforts to improve marine resource management and conservation.  We focus on problems where progress is impeded by controversy and polarized discourse, or by lack of access to helpful information and tools.

Too often in fisheries and marine resource issues, competing interests find it difficult to cooperate in pursuit of mutual goals—or even to communicate constructively.  In highly charged debates it can be difficult to agree on a common language.  The tactics of no-holds-barred advocacy further polarize discourse and block efforts to identify improvements, much less pursue them together.

We work to dispel unnecessary conflict and foster collaborative approaches where the usual shouting matches don’t cut it.

To accomplish this, we use some old-fashioned tools that every grandmother knows and some new-fangled ones too.  We listen (grandma was right).  We seek out leaders on all sides and look for the threads of respect, shared values, and common interest that bind them together.  We gather tools and data from a variety of perspectives—often reaching “outside the box” of fishery and marine-resource discourse—to inform their efforts.  We test strategies for strengthening and conserving fisheries, ecosystems, and opportunities for ocean user groups, scientists, policy makers and conservation advocates to engage each other constructively.

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