Top 3 Nikon RangeFinder For Hunting Short Reviews

I think that we can all agree that there’s nothing worse than the hunting tale of the near miss. I Hear it so often, it goes like this: I got within shooting distance and had a clear shot, then I saw the bullet kick up a cloud of dust behind the target and it spooked the animal and ran away. Rangefinders are specially designed to make hunting fun, increase shots on target and improve the overall experience. Having a rangefinder will help you avoid near misses and get you back on track.

However picking out the best rangefinders for hunting can be quite difficult. There are so many different features and types of rangefinder to choose from. There are so many different optics and coatings on lenses as well. Currently, there are so many good rangefinders for hunting on the market but because there are s many different features. Some features you may need depending on the hunting that you do, some features you may not need.

There are many different brands of rangefinders, and today we decided to focus our attention on a great optics brand, nikon. Nikon is headquartered in tokyo, Japan and is best known for producing a wide range of optics products, including camera lenses, binoculars, rangefinders and microscopes.

Some of our favorite Rangefinders for hunting. If you want to see more great rangefinders, check the main page.

1. Nikon ProStaff 3, laser rangefinder

This is one of the rangefinders specifically designed for hunting. Nikon always has great optics products (I have a nikon pair of binoculars), so this surely wont leave you disappointed and looking for more. Here are some of the ProStaff 3 features that make hunting that white tail buck a bit easier

  • It comes in the perfect size therefore easy to carry around. There is no messing with your rangefinder to find the perfect setting or it getting in your way while you’re trying to stalk a deer.
  • You can quickly, easily and accurately range into your target up to 550 yards.
  • Ability to hunt during rainy days as it is impacted with a waterproof feature.
  • Hunters are able to carry out their activities in most lighting conditions because of the high resolution it offers. It is very clear and does not bring out any uncluttered displays.
  • The ProStaff 3 gives consistent and accurate distances therefore hunters do not have any chance of missing a shot.
  • Its LCD screen gives clear displays
  • Its lenses are recessed which makes it even possible to move through the woods without causing any damage.

2. Nikon archers choice laser rangefinder

  •  This is the most trusted rangefinder designed specifically for archery hunters.
  • It is fitted with Nikon incline and decline technology which gives a clear view of a hunters target, as well as an accurate distance of the target after calculating the incline or decline of the target. This will help you not come up with a near miss and watch your prize white tail hop away. I can not tell you how many times I’ve seen bow hunters (specifically new ones) watch a target hop away because they failed to account for an incline or decline they were on
  • It gives the hunter accurate distance of his target.
  • The optics is clear and work perfectly well.
  • It is a simple to use and easy to carry rangefinder during your hunting activities.

You can just give it a look on amazon.

3. Nikon ProStaff 5, laser rangefinder

  • Nikon ProStaff 5 has a 600-yard ranging capability. It is suitable for hunters whose targets can be at a much longer distance.
  • Has a unique switchable display option that allows user to select contrasts against subject and background.
  • It has multicoated lenses with 6x magnification
  • Fitted with large ocular lens that provides long eye relief during viewing
  • It has an LCD display screen that is easy to read
  • Presence of a waterproof feature

There are so many different and great rangefinder companies out there, it’s tough not to find a good one for your hunting trip. You want to make sure to get a rangefinder that meets your needs and has quality optics and you cant go wrong. Some rangefinders get bogged down with too many features, but Nikon keeps the features down to only what is necessary, making them easy to use and functional. If you are looking for different type of rangefinder. We found a great post for you here:


.308 Bolt Action Rifles: What’s the Best Scope to Use?

When browsing the market for the ideal sniper rifle, one has to consider where their need for such a high-powered firearm comes from. Do they fancy some heavy duty target shooting, or perhaps some big game hunting? More often, picking a rifle that complements the need to defeat specific prey is recommended when planning your weekend getaways to the range or hunting grounds. For this instance today, we’re going to assume that you’re looking to shoot down some heavy scores during the prime season of the year–think bears, elk, etc.

You’re looking to get a rifle that supports something strong, like .308 Winchester rounds.

With great power comes the need for great accuracy, as well. After all, you don’t want to go to the woods with your heavy .308 rounds and end up missing each of your shots! Thankfully, there are two ways that a hunter can go about improving the accuracy of their shots. One, they specifically purchase a bolt-action sniper rifle. Bolt-action firearms are typically easier to use, more controlled, and are much more accurate than semi-automatic rifles. The next step, of course, would to purchase a good long range scope. Luckily, there’s many options to choose from in the world of big game shooting.

But which scopes are the best?

longrange scope for .308

If you’re in the market for a long range scope for your .308 sniper rifle, it’s first important that you brush up on your scoping knowledge. It’s one thing to shop for a long range scope for your dad’s old Remington, but another thing entirely to shop for a high-powered weapon often associated with war. No sir, no ordinary scope is going to work for one of these tools of destruction! If you go into scope shopping with only a Wikipedia page as your source of reference, you will risk getting ripped off. To avoid that, let’s go over some important parts and features of a long range hunting scope:

Objective Lens – The objective lens is at the very front of the scope. As with telescopes and binoculars, the objective lens will be what is connected to the lens you’ll be peeking into at the back. When searching for a long range scope for your hunting rifle, I recommend not getting a scope that is too large. A common mistake for rookie hunters is picking scopes with a large lens because they think it will help them see their targets better. What they don’t realize is that not only are larger lens are harder to see out of, but it makes your rifle even heavier than it needs to be.
Magnification Levels – The magnification level of a hunting scope refers to its ability to zoom in and out at your desired target. There are typically two different types of magnification systems that can be found on hunting scopes. There are fixed magnification levels, which means that the scope only has one zoom level. Then there are variable magnification levels, which is the polar opposite of fixed magnification in that you have more freedom to adjust your magnification levels to whatever setting you wish. For hunting, fixed magnification levels are recommended if you’re only planning on hunting from a certain distance. In my personal opinion, however, I prefer the variable magnification settings because it gives me a good level of control over my line of sight.

Reticle Marks and Positioning – A scope’s reticle is the notches within the objective lens that aid in improving the accuracy of your shooting. The reticle’s markings should be highly visible and the vertical and horizontal axes divisions must be clearly indicated. Markings for the vertical axis assist with bullet drop compensation while the markings for the horizontal axis assist more with wind compensation. As for overall positioning, there are two focal planes you can choose from. Like with the variable magnification settings, the first focal plane is often more accurate because it has the ability to change in intensity whenever the magnification level is adjusted. The second focal plane, much like the fix magnification setting, remains stagnant for as long as you have it.

Which Scopes Would Be The Best Fit For A .308 Bolt Action Rifle?

There are several brands who have created top-notch long range scopes for sniper rifle enthusiasts countrywide. However, for this list, I’m only going to list my top three most recommended scopes. This is to make the selection process a bit easier for those of you in the market. These scopes are in no particular order:

UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope

This beauty of a scope features a 30mm SWAT 3- 12X44 IE tactical range approximating scope with a mil-dot and a 36-color EZ Tap reticle. The lens comes with thirty-six different colors that you can switch through for lighting purposes as well as a special housing design that prevents lighting interruption during recoil. Best of all? This scope can be bought on Amazon for less than $100!

Pros – Low cost, clear image, flip-open lens, light to carry

Cons – Multi-colored lens may be jarring for some, reticle is a bit thick

Vortex Optics Diamondback HP

When shopping for your .308 bolt action rifle, you can’t do too much better than Vortex Optics. This high-powered scope features an XD extra-low dispersion glass, which is good for improving resolution and color conformity. You can also count on the overall maximization of light as well as the adjustable magnification level thanks to the XR multi-coated lens, which will help hold its focus for as long as you need. The biggest downside to this piece is that it’s pretty expensive, costing around $350 on Amazon.

Pros – 4x zoom, extra-low dispersion glass, versatile magnification, fully multi-coated lens

Cons – Expensive, illumination a little dim

Leupold VX-2 3-9X40

Last but certainly not least, the Leupold proves to be a cut above the rest! At the middle-ground price of $300 on Amazon, this baby features a Quantum Optical system with index-matched lenses to enhance light transmission. There’s also an external edge through the eyelid that will serve to improve rapid focusing. If you’re planning on shooting from medium distances, this is THE scope for you!

Pros – Perfect for medium range shooting, enhanced rapid focusing, light to carry, not too expensive

Cons – Reticle is a bit thick, may not be as effective with longer distances