Top 3 Nikon RangeFinder For Hunting Short Reviews

I think that we can all agree that there’s nothing worse than the hunting tale of the near miss. I Hear it so often, it goes like this: I got within shooting distance and had a clear shot, then I saw the bullet kick up a cloud of dust behind the target and it spooked the animal and ran away. Rangefinders are specially designed to make hunting fun, increase shots on target and improve the overall experience. Having a rangefinder will help you avoid near misses and get you back on track.

However picking out the best rangefinders for hunting can be quite difficult. There are so many different features and types of rangefinder to choose from. There are so many different optics and coatings on lenses as well. Currently, there are so many good rangefinders for hunting on the market but because there are s many different features. Some features you may need depending on the hunting that you do, some features you may not need.

There are many different brands of rangefinders, and today we decided to focus our attention on a great optics brand, nikon. Nikon is headquartered in tokyo, Japan and is best known for producing a wide range of optics products, including camera lenses, binoculars, rangefinders and microscopes.

Some of our favorite Rangefinders for hunting. If you want to see more great rangefinders, check the main page.

1. Nikon ProStaff 3, laser rangefinder

This is one of the rangefinders specifically designed for hunting. Nikon always has great optics products (I have a nikon pair of binoculars), so this surely wont leave you disappointed and looking for more. Here are some of the ProStaff 3 features that make hunting that white tail buck a bit easier

  • It comes in the perfect size therefore easy to carry around. There is no messing with your rangefinder to find the perfect setting or it getting in your way while you’re trying to stalk a deer.
  • You can quickly, easily and accurately range into your target up to 550 yards.
  • Ability to hunt during rainy days as it is impacted with a waterproof feature.
  • Hunters are able to carry out their activities in most lighting conditions because of the high resolution it offers. It is very clear and does not bring out any uncluttered displays.
  • The ProStaff 3 gives consistent and accurate distances therefore hunters do not have any chance of missing a shot.
  • Its LCD screen gives clear displays
  • Its lenses are recessed which makes it even possible to move through the woods without causing any damage.

2. Nikon archers choice laser rangefinder

  •  This is the most trusted rangefinder designed specifically for archery hunters.
  • It is fitted with Nikon incline and decline technology which gives a clear view of a hunters target, as well as an accurate distance of the target after calculating the incline or decline of the target. This will help you not come up with a near miss and watch your prize white tail hop away. I can not tell you how many times I’ve seen bow hunters (specifically new ones) watch a target hop away because they failed to account for an incline or decline they were on
  • It gives the hunter accurate distance of his target.
  • The optics is clear and work perfectly well.
  • It is a simple to use and easy to carry rangefinder during your hunting activities.

You can just give it a look on amazon.

3. Nikon ProStaff 5, laser rangefinder

  • Nikon ProStaff 5 has a 600-yard ranging capability. It is suitable for hunters whose targets can be at a much longer distance.
  • Has a unique switchable display option that allows user to select contrasts against subject and background.
  • It has multicoated lenses with 6x magnification
  • Fitted with large ocular lens that provides long eye relief during viewing
  • It has an LCD display screen that is easy to read
  • Presence of a waterproof feature

There are so many different and great rangefinder companies out there, it’s tough not to find a good one for your hunting trip. You want to make sure to get a rangefinder that meets your needs and has quality optics and you cant go wrong. Some rangefinders get bogged down with too many features, but Nikon keeps the features down to only what is necessary, making them easy to use and functional. If you are looking for different type of rangefinder. We found a great post for you here:


How to Choose Best Long-Range Scope for the .308?

The .308 Winchester is one of the most popular long-range cartridges in the US. The reliable brand mostly comes with pricing and the quality to perform in variable hunting sites.

For gaining the shooting experience, you will need to choose the right scope for the .308. Please bear in mind that without something to consider carefully, nothing is valuable in your hunting performance. Well, how to get that now?

longrange scope for .308

Things to think about before purchasing the .308

Because the .308 could be used with many kinds of a rifle, it is a bit difficult to find the proper scope which fits both firearms and cartridges. This is the reason you should recognize some crucial points and take into account initially.

Purpose of using

Different categories of scopes are used for many situations whether you want to hunt in a game or just practicing.

Decide what purpose you need to use your scope. For example, if you would like to practice or shooting in a game, you will need to focus on the short-way optic or a red dot. Both of them are do well for your targets.

The good news is that the shooting distance can zoom out easily without adjusting the image. A blurry target is both a missing reason and a possible risky. If you want to stay focused on a better advantage, you will choose a good caliber lens and the soft zeroing equipment.

In a low-light condition, a riflescope which does not have enough light transference; could be the main cause of the bullet waste. In the mist and fog environment, the scope with the waterproof and fog proof will be a good choice.

Types of magnification

The .308 is a strong tool which shoots father than other rifles when it comes to the shooting site. Nevertheless, please note that you use a .308 does not mean you are allowed to perform in a long-range shooting only. If you undertake, longer shots will need to get a higher magnification. What does it mean?

  • Long-range shooting: I am sure that you will genuinely take the power of your firearm to the test. When you want to increase the shooting distance (over 350 yards), you should use the .308 optics will be a good choice to get there. A small target will not require more magnification. 
  • Medium-range shooting: with this range, a .308 is also suitable to take down the size game. Shooting from a long distance will make you feel painful to the animal. Additionally, a stressful death will only contaminate the flavor and canceling out your efforts. If you want to keep your position as a moral shooter, you will consider from the 6x magnification to the 9x.  
  • Close-range shooting: please remember that a high magnification at close range will impact on your vision a lot. If you want to get a right shot underneath 150 yards, you should take a lower magnification about the 6x power.

Optical power

With a better magnification, you will have a greater range. Thus, the optical power of the scope will decide the range of the scope. If you are seeking a scope which fits on long-range shooting, it is a good idea to select a scope with a wonderful optical power.

Skills level

Before taking the right scope, you should check your skill level at first. You need to estimate some points to check the accurate measurement.

No matter you are a new shooter or an advanced hunter, there are many Android and iOS applications to support you. You can handle this task when you practice a lot.

Moreover, tactical shooting needs to get a high level of expertise to take part in the competition. And you obviously will carry a proper scope for excellent results.

Hunting in the long site also needs to own good firing skills with a premium quality scope. For practice, the option is variable. Kick off a simple one and strongly begin with the complex ones later. Sooner or later, you will become a good shooter in the long range!


The main target of using a magnified scope is improving your performance as much as possible.

Relying on the rifle you own and the type of hunting game you want to shoot, the price tag ranges from $300 to $1300. Some optimum quality scopes are over $1300. In the latest scopes, the costs are under $1000 only.  

Of course, you can determine how much a scope is expensive or less depending on your budget. However, do not do that in the boutique brands. Paying for a brand name is not a smart choice because you may not receive the true quality with the cost.

What features make a great long-range scope?

An excellent thing about using a .308 for your hunting game is that you ought to do anything you want to. From holographic sights became a less expensive optic, it still should have the BDC reticle. Usually, military-style scopes made to hit the right targets as easy as pie.

Decide what you are going to shoot with your firearm before shopping around. By doing this, you will ensure that you purchase a scope that you will be satisfied to use for a while. Increases the useless of your rifle is a key!

Find out a scope that will reach the distances which you want to shoot with a package. This will make you happy to carry on a daily basis. In theory, you can choose a scope twice. Nonetheless, this will be a nightmare for your first performance in the hunting range.

Some small features like the second focal plane in the reticles, BDC reticles, sunshades do not get a big problem in the price tag pretty much. Bigger features, on the other hand, probably increase the cost and these also are difficult to carry. Think of those features will help you buying a scope is for your .308 is worth or not.   

Final words

Frankly speaking, there are some deep factors which you should remember. Ensure that the tool can meet all requirements of a specific demand. Try to concentrate on build quality, clarity, reticle, focal plane, distance ability, and the cost.