Secret Fishing Tips From Experts Anglers

Some of the best fishing tips are not learned but experienced discovered from day-to-day fishing. Fishing is pretty tough, although few people will admit it. One of the most common questions anglers ask is “how do I catch more and bigger fish”? There is no single answer to that question. One needs to keep on improving his/her skills by learning a new tip and trick every time they go fishing.

To help you become a better angler, we’ve gathered some of the best fishing tips from leading expert anglers. These are tips that have worked for expert anglers. They are secret tips that most anglers will not share. They are the secret behind the big catches and ones you must try in your next fishing adventure.

Here are 7 all-purpose tips to try in your next fishing trip:

Glue your bait

Well, this is a pretty simple tip and one that looks obvious. However, take a minute and imagine the last time you glued your bait. Putting glue to your bait is a pretty simple technique that will mean the difference between a catch and an empty day in the water. Get some super glue and apply some of it on the hook before sliding your worm on top.

The glue usually does a perfect job anchoring the worm to the bait such that you will never lose it. There are several instances when the worm loosens and detaches away from the hook when fishing in marshy areas. You can easily lose your bait when flipping in grasses hence the need to glue it.

Let your bait hit the bottom

Make sure your bait hits the bottom of the lake or river before you can reel it in. For most fish, the bottom is usually the strike zone. You need to watch your line fall limp to know the bait has hit bottom. Once the bait is at the bottom, you can slowly reel it in a while shaking the fishing reel with the other hand. This is a great way to shake your bait, making it mimic a live worm.

There are higher chances of your bait being noticed by fish when it shakes like a live worm. This greatly increases your chances of making a catch.

Find fish food, and you’ve found fish

This is another simple trick that can easily get you a catch in minutes. When hunting for a specific type of fish, sometimes it becomes easier when you find their food. The same way you’re looking for fish is the same way the fish are looking for food.  When you find fish food, then you’re sure that fish is nearby. A good example is the blue herons which hunt for the same food that fish hunts. When you find the herons, then you can relax knowing the fish is close by.

Mimic different animals in the waters

There are usually different animal populations in the waters at different times of the year. This is due to different hatching seasons. These animals are usually food to fish, and most fish will be hunting them. You need to try and mimic different types of animals if you’re going to catch some fish. Get lures that mimic shades of grubs or frogs. The aim here to get a lure that will greatly attract fish.

Downgrade your bait for bigger fish

This is where most anglers get it wrong by choosing bigger baits for bigger fish. It is not obvious that a big fish will always go for big bait. How many times have you felt fish bite your bait and then suddenly stop and swim away? It happens to almost every angler. This only tells you that fish is around your fishing area but not taking your bait.

When this happens, then you need to downgrade your bait size.  Move from an 8-inch worm size to a 4-inch worm size. In most cases, the bigger fish will opt for small foods which don’t appear as baits.

Choose a quality fishing rod and crank your baits

First, you need to have the best fishing rod if you’re going to have an easier time cranking your baits. The rod should be easy to handle and come with an ergonomic handle for firm holding. This will ensure easy casting of your lure into the waters and reeling it back. The bait needs to be properly tuned if you’re going to catch fish. Lure your bait and reel it back to the boat while keenly checking how it comes back.

The lure needs to come out of the waters straight. If the lure tends to turn left, then try and tweak it a little to the right. The same should happen if it turns to the right. A poorly tuned lure will not catch fish.

Carry different colors Sharpie pens

You need to have different color Sharpie pens to customize your crankbaits and increase your chances of getting a catch. You can use these colors in so many ways to mimic different live animals in the water.  Adding some red color near the gills will mimic bleeding easily, attracting fish. Fish is capable of noticing and identifying a vulnerable target. It is more likely going to take down a bleeding animal since it is an easy target.

If you want to mimic perch, you can paint the fins orange. This will easily attract fish that easy perch as their food.  Painting a black dot on your lure behind the eye and towards the tail easily mimics a shad. You can play along with these colors and see what works out for your type of fish.


Your next fishing trip should be more successful with fishing tips and tricks at your disposal. Fishing ought to be fun and enjoyable. You don’t have to come back empty when there are several things to try and lure fish to your bait. Make sure you learn and apply these tips for your next fishing adventure.

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